The 2018 AP Stylebook Webinar

The 2018 AP Stylebook Webinar

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
1-2:30 p.m. Central time
Price: $269
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A webinar featuring Paula Froke, editor of The Associated Press Stylebook

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  • You'll gain invaluable insights from the editor of The Associated Press Stylebook.
  • You'll be able to watch live with your entire team.
  • You'll receive all presentation slides and handouts.
  • You'll get access to an on-demand recording for six months.
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Learn AP style straight from the source
Price: $99

If you use Associated Press style and you're still referring to that same dog-eared book you bought in college, you're missing out. AP style isn't carved in stone. It evolves to keep up with new words and phrases in the news and to adapt to changes in language.

The spiral-bound 2018 AP Stylebook launched on May 30 with about 200 new and updated entries. In this webinar, Stylebook editor Paula Froke will share what's new. Join this webinar to hear about the updates, as well as explanations of how and why changes are made to AP style.

What you'll learn about:

  • Highlights of the new polls and surveys chapter, helping prepare you for 2018 midterms and any other coverage of survey results.
  • New guidance on sexual harassment and sexual misconduct terms, as well as using the terms survivor and victim correctly.
  • A new entry on marijuana and medical marijuana, as legalization makes it a more prominent topic.
  • Changes to guidance on bulleted lists, as well as on use of the terms today and tonight.

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