Communicating through the change curve
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Communicating through the change curve

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The "Change Curve" is a model that explains the grieving process. Originally developed by Kubler-Ross, it describes the stages everyone must go through when faced with a change in their lives. From mourning a loved one—to changing an IT system—people have to experience the same three stages of personal development in order to move on:

Stage 1: Shock, Denial, Numbness
Stage 2: Fear, Anger, Depression
Stage 3: Understanding, Acceptance, Moving On

In this downloadable report, Creative Director of Crown Business Communications and Chairman of MCA Live, Marc Wright outlines how these stages are applied to the communication process.

You'll learn:

  • How to deal with each of the three stages
  • How to establish a "Concern Scale" and align employee concern with the appropriate communication channel
  • What a "High Concern" message is and how to address it
  • How to show things you can't say—and say things you can't show
  • Ways to mourn—and celebrate—changes in your organization
  • And more!

About Marc Wright:

Over a 20-year career spanning the Films & TV Division of the COI, Creative Director of Crown Business Communications and Chairman of MCA Live, Wright consulted on some of the largest communication programs seen in the UK for blue chips such as Vodafone, British Airways, and American Express. He conceived and produced the highly influential Strategy Roadshow for the UK government which was attended by over 50,000 businesses, and wrote and directed the TV drama series 20 Steps to Better Business and the education series Inside Europe, both for BBC.