Supercharge your web health care advertising

Supercharge your web health care advertising

Thursday, June 26, 2014
2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. Central Time
Price: $199
Member Price: $159

A 75-minute broadcast webinar featuring Stephen Moegling and J.K. Lloyd

Product Code: Y4TH02
Webinar recording only
Price: $199 Member Price: $159

Webinar ($199/159) + webinar recording
Price: $229 Member Price: $189

The race to engage consumers and convert them into patients will be won online.

As more health systems shift their media spending from traditional channels to the Web, many media vendors sell advertisers programs to hospital marketers that don’t reach the right audiences cost-effectively.

For hospital marketers, the Web is a modern day “Wild, Wild West.”

If you invest in online marketing but aren’t sure if you’re getting your money’s worth, then Ragan’s new webinar, “Supercharge your web health care advertising” on February 27 is right for you.

During this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • Case studies on how to cost-effectively market your health system brand
  • How to drive service line volume on the web
  • The 5 most common mistakes health care marketers make when buying online advertising
  • Industry trade secrets to help you to negotiate online advertising proposals from media vendors
  • The right questions to ask to ensure you get the most effective online buy
  • How to apply simple, effective techniques on your website to convert prospects into patients
  • How to track real-time ROI of online advertising

But that’s not all. You’ll also learn:

  • 5 ways health care marketers screw up their online campaigns
  • Highly effective techniques for search marketing campaigns
  • Best practices for buying online display advertising
  • New opportunities to position your health care brand online
  • Best social media platforms to reach prospective patients
  • Most effective landing page strategies for patient conversion
  • The newest tools for closing the online sales loop