Zika and Ebola crisis lessons

Zika and Ebola crisis lessons

Thursday, March 31, 2016
2-3:15 p.m. Central Time
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Emory University communications executives Vincent Dollard and Nancy Seideman join crisis management consultant and speaker Melissa Agnes to reveal new crisis communications lessons.

Zika struck shortly after the world thought it had laid Ebola to rest. Zika still has many countries on alert—These outbreaks are a wake-up call: You should upgrade your crisis plan before the next crisis strikes.

Join this webinar to:

  • Prepare now for a summer that could see a spike in Zika
  • Revamp your crisis plan with the template Emory University used to manage its Ebola crisis
  • Manage the media when epidemics and other crises strike
  • Prevent any crisis from spinning out of control
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Price: $219 Member Price: $179

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Price: $219 Member Price: $179

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Do you want to:

  • Avoid being caught flat-footed when a crisis strikes?
  • Create—or update—your digital-ready crisis plan?
  • Act quickly to protect your facility’s reputation when it matters most?  

You'll be able to do all this and more when you join our "Zika and Ebola Crisis Lessons" webinar March 31.

Hear Emory University's Vincent Dollard and Nancy Seideman tell riveting stories about their Ebola crisis response. Discover the innovative methods they're using NOW to stay ahead of Zika.

Crisis expert Melissa Agnes will also share her media training, crisis planning and social-media response techniques that you can apply immediately to protect your patients and facility.

You'll learn:

  • What Emory is doing to prepare for Zika
  • A model crisis plan: The step-by-step plan Emory created when Ebola threatened and how it applies to any crisis
  • How to easily create or update your crisis plan
  • Rapid-response: How to set guidelines and departmental structure to get real-time flexibility
  • Important drills: How to execute crisis simulations
  • The 3 elements of a viral crisis—and how to counter each
  • How and when to assemble key players
  • Advanced media relations: How to manage a torrent of media
  • Social media strategies: How to respond quickly—and accurately—on top social media channels
  • How to leverage and manage Twitter in outbreaks
  • How to set up dark sites—and update them with content or links from the CDC and WHO
  • How to walk the HIPAA tightrope
  • Election-year: How politics will enter the Zika conversation—and how to adjust your own messages

Register for this March 31 webinar to update your crisis plans. Protect your facility and patients when it matters most!