Crisis Communications Master Class

Crisis Communications Master Class

Oct. 23: Washington, D.C.
Standard Price: $999
Price: $899
Member Price: $749
  • Learn the essential elements every crisis plan needs
  • Avoid pitfalls that can kill your message and waste opportunities
  • Create an effective work process for your team to use in an emergency
  • Create a strategic plan for restoring your reputation

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Ragan Communications, Inc.
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  • Your Presenter:
    Nick Lanyi
    Consultant and instructor

It's not a question of if you'll face a crisis, but when.

Nick Lanyi has helped Fortune 500 organizations, trade associations and major nonprofits plan for and confront crises. In this master class he will lay out the steps to developing a comprehensive crisis communications plan, provide a framework for dealing with active crises and address the often-overlooked but crucial step of reputation restoration.

During this daylong workshop you'll find out how to:

  • Focus your plan on the most relevant risks and audiences
  • Get your spokespeople ready to deal with tough questions
  • Tee up key stakeholders as spokespeople and allies
  • Avoid mistakes that will guarantee a negative reaction
  • Ensure that your organization puts its best values front and center no matter what

Don't wait until it's too late. Have a plan that's ready to go!