Video Boot Camp for Communicators

Video Boot Camp for Communicators

November 10 - Denver
Price: $795
Member Price: $645
  • Techniques to take your video beyond the talking head and PowerPoint graphic
  • Script basics and when to skip the script
  • Lighting survival guide—How to take advantage of real-world lighting situations
  • Keys to effective video storytelling: the narative curve, the hero, the visual story, the emotional destination

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  • Your instructor:
    Drew Keller Drew Keller is an award-winning television producer, editor, Web developer and educator. His production experience ranges from international documentaries to prime- time specials; community events to national advertising; multimedia and children's programming to home movies of his kids. Drew recently developed an internal media portal for Microsoft, is the developer and host of StoryGuide, a video storytelling blog, writes for and produces the PBS series, BizKids, and serves on the faculty at the University of Washington's Masters of Communication in Digital Media program. His research and lectures include Web-based storytelling, production best practices, video syndication models and the effects of Web video on social networks.

Web video is the next wave of connectivity. Mobile devices, web browsers, on-demand and point of sale; organizations large and small have jumped on this wave of video storytelling.

To succeed in this changing landscape you must share video that moves your audience. Creating video with your camera and microphone should be easy, right? Perhaps you've found it more difficult than you expected. What do you need to succeed? With training and practice you can create compelling video that connects.

Your experienced instructor Drew Keller walks you through the video production cycle. You will gain first-hand production experience as you practice interview techniques and effective camera placement. You'll learn how to create compelling visual narratives. This is your chance to absorb best practices and learn the theory behind both studio and field production, video distribution and audience engagement, in a fun and exciting workshop.

You'll learn:

  • How to best use video to connect with your audience and enhance your message
  • The core elements of video storytelling
  • Script basics and when to skip the script
  • What you need to get started and how to get the most out of what you have
  • The production practices survival guide: Camera height, framing, and environment
  • Sequencing and mastering ways to avoid the "talking head" video
  • How to shoot an interview (it's not as straightforward as you think)
  • How to use available light to get the best image possible
  • Why sound is so important and how you can make yours better
  • To work with Subject Matter Experts to create compelling information videos
  • Social media distribution and syndication in a changing media landscape
  • How to add mobile video production to your marketing mix