Video Boot Camp for Communicators

Video Boot Camp for Communicators

Nov. 2 - San Diego This event is sold out!
Price: $895
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  • How to use video to connect with your audience and enhance your message
  • Storytellling core elements that keep your videos interesting and engaging
  • A smartphone may be the only camera you needand could save time & money
  • The video production-practices survival guide: Camera height, framing, and natural lighting techniques that even work for bad locations

Led by Justin Allen

Presented by Ragan Communications

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This event is sold out!

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  • Your Presenter:
    Justin Allen Justin Allen is a television and digital media writer, producer, director, editor, strategist, showrunner, and consultant.

    He has received rave reviews from past attendees:

    "Justin is one of the more dynamic and entertains speakers I have encountered. Very worthwhile."

    "Really good to learn from someone who had his type of experience and current working situation."


If you're reading this, you're already a writer. And if you manage a project for internal or external marketing campaigns, you're already a producer.

What if you could also shoot and edit video? What if you could also become a more complete, more powerful storyteller?

How much money would you save your organization?

How many creative headaches would you save yourself?

In this full-day, hands-on workshop, longtime TV and digital producer and strategist Justin Allen will teach you by total immersion how to create your next (or first) knock-'em-dead video campaign yourself—soup-to-nuts!

In this hands-on, how-to boot camp, you will learn:

checkmark How to plan, produce, shoot and edit your next video yourself—on a budget
checkmark Why a smartphone could be the only camera you'll ever need
checkmark How to use natural light to make the best of a crummy interview setting
checkmark What gear you should invest in and why
checkmark Why audio can be more important than video to convey the emotions of your story
checkmark Tips, hints and tricks to make your video a work of art that becomes part of your communications strategy

You'll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to write, shoot, produce, direct and edit your own videos. You'll know how and when a smartphone is the only camera you need. You'll learn how a cheap ($1K or less) DSLR setup can get you the same quality footage as a $10K setup. And you'll learn how to produce cheaper, faster, better videos.