Creating video on a shoestring budget

Creating video on a shoestring budget

Broadcast date: Feb. 14, 2017
Price: $199
Member Price: $159

A 75-minute webinar featuring Jeremy Godwin, manager of culture and employee communications.

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • How to create high-quality video on a limited budget
  • Content ideas and tricks: ways to produce fun, informative videos for employees
Product Code: Z17TC02

Your boss wants to create more videos for employee communications.


Sounds like a fun project.

The big problem is that there's no money in the budget. Don't be deterred; that's an issue many communicators face.

It is possible to create professional, engaging video—even with meager resources.

Learn the latest tips and tricks in video from Jeremy Godwin, culture and employee communications manager at Verizon.

Attend this webinar and you will learn how to:

  • Determine what will make a compelling story and what ought to be shelved, or at least postponed
  • Storyboard your next project Employ editing best practices to create a clean, top-quality product
  • Capture great images—regardless of the lighting
  • Shoot video on a smartphone to convey compelling stories Improve your workflow efficiency by creating a production schedule

Don't let a small budget hinder your ability to produce great video. Sign up for this webinar today!